English Language Laboratory: This lab is facilitated with accessible and rich features. Whole junior and the senior section students use this laboratory for listening and speaking purpose specially. This is the room where the students love to be and where the process of learning really takes place. Listening to learn and learning to listen is a very fun way of learning language. It is huge enough for sixty students with headphones for everyone and speakers on the walls for whole class. We can use CD, Tape recorder, DVD, Software, VCD and other materials available in the laboratory itself. Besides the concern teachers, they also bring their own resources according to the abilities and interest of their learners.

Science Laboratory: Our laboratory is three in one form (for biology, chemistry & physics experiments). Special practical time tables are allotted for classes IX & X but the entire middle section also uses it. We have a laboratory assistant. All the equipment necessary for the CBSE boarded experiments especially for classes IX & X are available in our lab. On top of that all the basic apparatus needed for all middle section are also there. Other accessory aids and implements like electrical devices for examples television, computer, deck etc. are present in science lab.

Tibetan Language Lab: It is equipped with facilities like OHP with screen, Computer set, Language kit, various work books and reference books. Presently it is effectively used by class VII & VIII. Now we have plan to use it by other classes (IX to XII) from next academic session onward by shifting to a bigger room. The most essential facility like LCD projector will be arranged.

Maths Lab: Mathematics is essentially a subject, where doing is more prominent than reading, that is why, certain amount of equipment is necessary in order to make the lesson interesting. In our school math laboratory we have enough equipment to make our teaching effective and interesting.
The following are the major equipment which we have in our school Math lab and how to use that equipment. We have few sets of Ramanujan kits.
1. Factorization kit:    We are using this kit for class VIII.
2. Triangle, Quadrilateral and Circle Properties kits:   We have few sets of each Geometrical properties kit which we use to prove theorem and the properties easily. We usually do these activities before we start doing practical on particular topic.
3. Place value kit:    It is a plastic box divided into three or four portions labeled as thousands, tens and units respectively. It can used to demonstrate place value to illustrate carrying adding and multiplication and to illustrate borrowing in subtraction.
4. Fraction parts:    We have fraction kits which are dissected respectively into halves, fourths, eighths etc. It provides materials necessary for a meaningful study of fractions.
5. Charts: The charts help in creating a suitable subject atmosphere in the classroom and enhance interest to learn math.
6. Model: Models are very useful as an aid. Because they can handled and manipulated. Their main merit is that they afford pleasure in making. We have all the solid figures in the lab. Other than that we have few good models made by the students which we are using for our teaching.
7. Number kits:  It consists of set of wooden blocks. Different coloured block is used for digit from one to ten. Each block is representing with the number and the word it represent.
8. Collection:  Students should be encouraged to collect data, cutting and materials of mathematical interest. These are data on percentage, averages, ratios, investments, income, budgeting etc. The Students should be on the lookout for these things, so that such collection can add to the bulk of the laboratory material and helpful to then and the future students. Usually they do this kind of activities on their project.
9. Concrete materials: This type of material include many concrete objects such as beads, ball frame, number cards, plastic sticks, colour balls, toy money, volume container ,other measures etc. The lab also include stock of cardboard, chart papers, colour papers, cutting material, measuring tapes, fevi sticks etc.
10. Computer:  We have one computer in our school math lab.
11. Reference Books:  We have collection of books from American Embassy School. The students are using these books for their project work. We have text book references and the other references book from class VII TO X. We have few collection books on mesmerizing math puzzles book and Sudoku. The students use these kinds of books during leisure time to develop their thinking and reasoning power.
12. C.D.:  We have few collection of C.D. according to old C.B.S.E. syllabus.

Senior Section Library
Resources available are:- History, Political Science,Geography,Economics,Mathematics and
Further more for general references, we have World Book, Britannica and, Young Scientist in set.
English story books are categorized into elementary, intermediate and senior level.
Students have computer facility to browse through.Tibetan books are categorized into His holiness’ speech, politics, religion and history, biography, language, essay and stories

Art Lab: 

Senior Section Computer Lab
Senior Computer Laboratory: Senior Computer Lab is one of the important lab of the institution. This Lab is utilized  by students from class VII to XII.The lab is also used as Cyber Cafe after school hours and during holidays.The lab is consist of well equipped LAN (internet) facility.

Junior Section Resource Room: 

Junior Section Tibetan Lab: 

Junior Section Library: 

Junior Computer Lab:
Our computer lab is near the junior section library on second floor. We have 30 computers and it’s all working on the basis of thin client using N computing technology.

Junior Maths Lab: